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Annual Global Analysis of Markets for Photovoltaic Products

August Publication

A 260 page detailed analysis of the demands side of the solar industry covering 35 global markets, system prices, cell/module prices, component prices, incentives and market trends.

$2,250 or $5,500 for excel spreadsheet with all 160 figures and tables


Full standard subscription service

Includes six issues of the Solar Flare, the two annual reports plus excel spreadsheets , a quarterly call and eight hours of consulting to discuss current industry trends and direction a $15,499 value for $8,000

Annual Photovoltaic Manufacturer Shipment Report

April publication

A detailed analysis of the supply side of the photovoltaic industry covering capacity, production, shipments, inventory, costs and cell/module prices by manufacturer, region, country and technology.  Also provides a five year technology forecast and a ten year price forecast. Regularly $2,250 or $4,999 with excel spreadsheet with all figures and tables

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Solar Flare Executive Report series

Published in February, April, June, August, October and December

The Solar Flare provides topical research and analysis on prices and solar industry trends

A one year subscription is $2,000.00

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