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Annual Manfacturer Capacity, Production, SHipments Report Now Available

From the executive summary:

Report Highlights:

Cumulative shipments from 1975 through 2016 reached 284.5-GWp

Cell and module revenues to the first buyer grew by 24% from $32.1-billion in 2015 to $39.7-billion in 2016

Average prices to the first buyer decreased by 26% from $0.72/Wp in 2015 to $0.53/Wp in 2016

Prices to the first buyer reported as low as $0.25/Wp in 2016

China’s manufacturers accelerated relocation of capacity to countries in South East Asia

Manufacturers began shortening pilot scale time line from one to five years to one to three months, a move that will affect quality

Shipments of cells and modules to the first buyer grew by 37% from 50.9-GWp in 2015 to 69.5-GWp in 2016

Commercial manufacturing capacity grew by 28% from 62.4-GWp in 2015 to 79.6-GWp in 2016

Module assembly capacity reached 95.8-GWp and there is 16.2-GWp more module assembly capacity than cell manufacturing capacity indicating consolidation on the module assembly side

After aggressive cell capacity building in 2016 and announcements of continuing building of capacity in 2017 manufacturers slowed or cancelled plans for additional capacity

Globally manufacturers made aggressive announcements of moving to p-type PERC monocrystalline on the assumption that the premium for mono and lower cost of p-type starting material would preserve margin




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